Launch of the Thebe Foundation website

The Thebe Foundation recently launched the new Thebe Foundation website. The aim is to effectively communicate the happenings and development around the Thebe Foundation on an interactive platform.

Thebe Foundation is an independent trust established by Thebe Investment Corporation to drive community development initiatives. Thebe Foundation participates in community development initiatives that result in a real increase in the skills, welfare and the wealth of communities, as indicated in the ability of communities to take care of their needs both in the present and in the future. It also offers project and programme management support, advises on issues of national interest and provides an invaluable source to enhance the quality of life of communities by empowering them to participate in initiatives that will improve their wealth, knowledge, skills and health.

“We are very excited about the launch of the new Thebe Foundation website. It creates a much needed opportunity for us to communicate developments in our projects and to extend the foundation’s message,” says Mokgethi Tshabalala, Chief Executive Officer of the Thebe Foundation.

The content of the website will include breaking news, new developments, project updates, annual reports as well as the latest trends in community development and the national imperatives regarding socio-economic development.

“The Foundation’s reach is limited, but through the website more resources can be mobilised from informed Thebe website visitors,” Mokgethi explains. “I am confident that it will be a fruitful exercise which would benefit the communities which the Foundation supports.”