Janine Hills is the Founder and CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership, as well as the Founder and joint CEO of Ignite Africa, an advisory business focusing on crisis and reputation management throughout Africa.

Janine’s extensive business knowledge, skills and intricate understanding of reputation management are the outcome of over 38 years of experience across various sectors of industry, including financial services, hospitality and telecoms.

Janine was a former head of group communications for First National Bank (FNB), and a founding member of the team that built FirstRand’s eBucks, an e-commerce initiative for FNB’s innovative eBucks programme. She was extensively involved in the formulation and implementation of the multi-brand strategy, internal communications and e-commerce initiatives of the financial services group.

Janine’s integrity in business relationships is the foundation upon which she launched a Reputation Management company in 2005. Janine grew the organisation into an African company with global potential. She turned it into a fully transformed, black empowered company and sold it in 2020, before embarking on her new journey with Janine Hills Authentic Leadership.

She values any opportunity to share with clients the fruits of nearly four decades of business experience, particularly her understanding of the principles of sound reputation management and good corporate governance.

In her role as Founder and CEO of Janine Hills Authentic Leadership, Janine shares sharing the skills and knowledge she has acquired over the years with the best of South Africa’s executive leadership (C-suite) and boards.

Janine has delivered world-class advisory services to at least 50 JSE-listed companies. In addition, she has operated within at least 10 African countries, and advised many multi-national companies. She has also provided her services as a facilitator for the United Nations.

Most recently, Janine contributed a chapter on Effective Crisis Communication for the recently published e-book Managing Organisations During the COVID 19 Vortex.


–           Brand South Africa (2016 – 2019)

–           International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA) (2016 – March 2020) – Board position


–           Merchelles Collective

–           2Care4Carers