Thebe launches male empowerment initiative


As we celebrated Father’s day in the month of June, Thebe is formally launching a male forum, Thebe Esquire. This forum will be where men converge to and discuss male issues.

Every man’s life tells a story. In the pursuit of authentic manhood, every man must understand and come to terms with the defining moments and key relationships that shape his unique story.

Thebe Esquire, will provide a platform for men to engage and discuss issues that affect them and social as a whole. The goal of this initiative is to empower men with knowledge and life skills within the Thebe group. It will encourage meaningful debates and discussions on various topics e.g. the protection of minorities, male health, leadership and fatherhood.

This forum will also focus on issues around leadership development; modern day work challenges, parenthood and the development of young men into responsible man. The aspiration of an Esquire is to be seen as a man that embraces and supports gender equality, and seeks to live by the ethos of our values and that of our founders of creating a progressive, coherent and non-racial working environment. He seeks ways to improve his life and the lives of his family, communities and the world.

Broadly, the forum will focus on the following three key areas:

• Manhood, fatherhood and leadership
• Gender, race and health
• Career, skills and financial management

A Thebe Esquire committee will be formed and it will primarily be responsible for driving the male development themes and activities, which will be discussed through forums and the Thebe Times online publication platform.

The inaugural Thebe Esquire forum will be at the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory on the 11th July.