Personal Mastery

By: Lerato matsau

Now that you have done your self observation and have receive feedback from others, what do you do with this?

1. You can choose to do nothing
2. You can choose to improve on those parts that make you uncomfortable with yourself

Choosing option 1 is choosing the easy option (you remember that golden oldie Kabelo song that went like this “it’s either you love me or leave me alone”). It is the most comfortable and it unfortunately keeps status quo and I personally do not believe it is the best for any healthy, discerning and responsible adult.

Choosing option 2 is choosing the most uncomfortable route, every ounce of your body would be rebelling against this. However, unless you are “perfect” I suggest this route.

Since we are all different, there is no one size fits all with “personal mastery” (catch the drift??), so what are these? Here are probable activities to undertake, and these are also be chosen with your specific needs in mind, how much you need to change, what you need to change, what impact you are looking for and how far you are you wanting and willing to push yourself

1. Self development
This includes reading books, attending seminars and embarking on a self monitored self improvement programme
2. External help

I am clustering under this heading the different kinds of professional help available and they range from corporate help – HR, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy and alternative therapy.

As this is the preferred method, let’s explore it a bit more:

It is not a sign of weakness to consult professionals but a sign of strength actually. Your mental health is critical, be vigilant about it, take care of it. It is the core.

If your feedback is hectic – erratic behaviour, uncontrollable behaviour, extreme reactions, and ruined relationships all round there may be a need to see a qualified clinical psychologist even psychiatrist to assist you get a diagnosis and treatment plan. Once you done you can then move into personal mastery.
Counselling may be appropriate if you need to deal with stuff that you have experienced like death, divorce, family issues, loss, marital strife, career, financial loss etc. It provides you an opportunity with “work things out of the system” and put them into perspective.

Coaching is more of a personal mastery tool because it pushes you to the next level. A coach and choosing a coach is a very personal process. You have to feel comfortable with the person at all diversity levels e.g. do you prefer a certain age, gender, race, style and is there a vibe. You must meet at least three coaches at an initial level then choose. A coach will use various appropriate methodologies to assist. Check with your HR if they have a network of coaches or do research and find one yourself.

Empowering yourself should be your own journey, be willing to invest in yourself and your development, companies can help but it is more meaningful when you have done so for yourself. You spend so much money on your appearance why not on your health?? Something to ponder about.

Please do contact me confidentially via email if you need more information about your journey and so I can offer some guidance, especially around coaching, the costs, the process and just generally.