The medical industry is not an easy market to tap into but with a firm grip on knowledge of the target market, businesses in this arena can flourish. ThebeMed recently celebrated reaching a milestone of 10 000 members.

Dr Mahlaba, CEO of Thebe Ya Bophelo Health Administrators,  acknowledged the milestone and gave a brief history of the struggle that Thebemed had to face in the past. From its inception, the medical scheme Thebemed started with a mere 50 members which steadily increased to 400 and gained 1000 members from the company called Voslo.

Over the years, great efforts have been put in place to increase membership. These efforts have since paid off. The 10 000 mark is a big achievement for Thebemed said Dr Mahlaba at a celebratory ceremony held at the Thebe Ya Bophelo offices in Houghton on 26 February 2016. “The island of excellence without team work will not be successful,” he noted. The CEO highlighted the mistake many administrators make, which is preparing welcome packs for its members joining the scheme but forgetting to make them feel welcome throughout.

The 10 000-mile stone is an illustration that Thebemed is passionate about building relationships and has done everything right in such a competitive industry.

Having a good work ethic, common goals and strong leadership has resulted in the success celebrated at Thebe Ya Bophelo Health Administrators.