Spring prep tips

Spring is right around the corner. It might not feel that way right now but before you know it flowers will be blooming and birds will be singing. Once the dust clears outside and the temperature turns up, we know you’ll rather want to spend your time outside having fun than being cooped up inside cleaning your house. And although most of us would like to put spring cleaning off completely, it, unfortunately, has to be done. That is why this year we suggest spending the last piece of winter productively so that you can enjoy spring to the fullest.

We have found some great (and budget-friendly) spring cleaning tips for you to ease your way into spring.

Reward System

Don’t start everything at once. Cleaning your house is a daunting task and if it becomes too much for you, you might give up. Rather break the cleaning up into rooms or sections. Then once you’ve worked your way through one part reward yourself with a movie or a glass of wine – anything that’ll motivate you through the house.

Cupboard Space

While you are cleaning, go through your cupboards and take out everything you no longer use, want or wear, such as the desk fan you replaced with air con or your varsity sports jacket that you will never wear again. These things are only hoarding space and gathering dust. Make different piles – sell, donate and throw away.

Cleaning Products

Keep an eye out for cleaning product specials or buy in bulk. If your brand is on sale take more than what you need, in order for you to save in the long run. Ask your neighbours, friends and family if they would like to join a “bulk plan” with you. Also, examine your cleaning supplies – make sure you need everything you stock, perhaps you can replace some with a multiple purpose product, or simply with a DIY option.

Cleaning Cloths

Instead of buying new cloths all the time, look through your old clothing. All those ripped, hole‑ridden cloths are perfect cleaning cloths, from washing the windows to polishing the wooden furniture. Just remember to be wary of the buttons and zips.

The Microwave

After you’ve cleared and cleaned up the kitchen at night, rinse off your sponges and microwave proof cutting boards, squeeze out the water and put them in the microwave for three minutes. This will kill most of the bacteria they have been exposed to while you were working in the kitchen.


Clean out your bottles and decanters with narrow necks with rice and water. Simply pour 2 tablespoons of dry rice and half a cup of warm water into the bottle, shake briskly and rinse clean.

Baking Soda

This is a wonder for cleaning your house; from cleaning your oven to clearing your drain, baking soda does it all. Clean grime off the shower floor by sprinkling the floor with baking soda, spraying it with vinegar, gently scrubbing the floor then rinsing it clean with hot water. De-odour your carpet by sprinkling baking soda on it, leaving it for fifteen minutes, and then vacuuming it like normal.


This is another household hero. Clean your coffee machine or dishwasher by running vinegar through a full cycle. Use diluted vinegar to clean odours, stains and bacteria out your fridge. Or you can pour one cup of vinegar and one cup of baking soda down your drains (if you have metal plumbing), let it bubble, then wash it away with warm water to clean your drains.


Remove water stains from your wooden furniture or brighten up you piano keys, simply dab some mayo on the spot, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe it off. Mayo is also great to remove crayon drawings from your walls or stickers and price tags; all you need to do is leave the area covered in mayonnaise for about fifteen minutes and then rub it off.

Remember the sooner you start spring cleaning, the sooner you can actually enjoy spring. Beat the winter blues; start spring cleaning today.