Are you ready for the Thebe Group Excellence Awards?

We are very proud to announce that Dr Zweli Mkhize, ANC Treasurer-General, will be the guest speaker for our 8th Thebe Group Excellence Awards.

In light of the current turbulent economic times we are facing as a nation, we believe that Dr Mhkize will be able to give us some much-needed perspective and hope for the New Year.

Dr Mhkize has been the ANC Treasurer-General since December 2012, and before his appointment, he was the Premier of KwaZulu-Natal. He is the fifth of seven children and has been taught from a very young age to be humble and to respect those around him. A legacy he is passing on not only to his three children, but also everyone working with and for him.

We are thrilled about the Excellence Awards Ceremony, taking place on Friday, the 9th of December, as we’ve received over 160 nominations. The Excellence Awards recognise employees who have gone over and above the call of duty. It is a means of encouraging everyone to do better to live up to one of our key values of excellence.

Keep your eyes open for the winner announcements.