Inside Thebe Nigeria

Many great things have been accomplished at Thebe Health, and one of these has been the expansion of Thebe Nigeria HMO (Health Maintenance Organisation). This is a very exciting venture that promises to grow into an enormous branch.

It was always on the cards to expand Thebe Health into other African countries; it was just a matter of where and how. But when a Nigerian doctor made contact, seeking medical insurance partners, a plan started to come together. Research, field tests and studies were conducted since 2014, and finally, at the end of 2016, Thebe Nigeria started to sign up clients.

Expanding to Nigeria is a great choice as the country has over 150 million people and about 200 small medical insurers, but only about 8 million people are covered. In addition to these numbers, the provided medical covers and services are limited and, at times, uninformed. The idea behind Thebe Nigeria HMO is to not only provide a better health scheme and cover options to individuals and businesses but also to provide basic health education.

Hence, the expertise of Thebe Wellness Services was called on. In a nutshell, Thebe Wellness Services takes a holistic approach to healthcare and offers various supporting products to enrich the overall benefit of health insurance. They provide enhanced solutions to serve their clients’ healthcare needs better.

Thebe Wellness Services will enable Thebe Nigeria to offer office health days, basic healthcare and preventative care information and assistance, and biometric systems.

Therefore, companies can see what the overall health status of their employees are and take the required safety measures to manage and control the risks of their workforce. As Thebe Nigeria also comes with Thebe Health’s medical insurance structure and knowledge, they can offer far more comprehensive packages than the smaller schemes.

Thebe Nigeria also makes health advice more accessible. They have a walk-in front office in Lagos, approved contract service providers as well as virtual and telephonic assistant centres. Hence, wherever members are, as long as they can make contact, they can receive healthcare.

Once the crucial health issues have been identified, Thebe Nigeria can work with the individuals (whilst keeping it confidential from the employer) to improve and manage their ailments, such as diabetes.

Through the biometric system, individual cases will be able to be monitored more effectively, meaning every patient will receive a notification with regard to their medical needs (taking their daily pill or refilling a subscription). What is even more exciting, should a patient not comply with the given medical care or guidelines, the system can block them and send a notification to HR.

The possibilities Thebe Nigeria is exposed to are endless, which makes this venture, although difficult, incredibly stimulating. Keep an eye out to see how Thebe Nigeria grows from strength to strength.