Spring clean your life in 10 simple steps

Is it time for a fresh start? Spring is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your life, set new goals and get organised. We’ve got ten easy tips to help you spring clean your world.

  1. Fitness routine

    Keeping a regular fitness routine is good for your physical and mental wellbeing. If you haven’t been exercising then set a goal to work towards, like running 10km. You can also try something completely different like rock climbing or a dance class.
  2. Time to unplug

    People today are accessible 24/7 in both their personal and professional life, but that means you get very little downtime. When you get home, stay off social media and rather look for a new hobby or do something you love, like reading or listening to music.
  3. Change your diet

    Rethink your eating habits and make sure you’re getting your daily quota of fresh fruit and vegetables. Why not branch out and commit to trying a few new recipes each week? Choose fish rather than meat and salad rather than carbs.
  4. New budget

    Change some bad winter habits like that regular cup of takeaway coffee or lunch at the canteen. Start the new seasons by setting some savings goals that you can work towards, like planning a holiday or saving for a new car.
  5. Declutter your home

    Our lives are filled with things that we no longer use, no longer love or don’t fit into. Go through each room in your home and get rid of the clutter. Are there clothes you no longer wear or books you’ll never read? Donate or sell items and start afresh.
  6. Declutter your workspace

    How can you be creative if the space you’re working in is disorganised and messy? Clean your desk by removing everything you don’t need, file all papers and keep your stationery in your drawer. When you have an organised space, you’ll be able to concentrate better and think more clearly.
  7. Review your relationships

    It’s okay, you can break up with a friend! People change and situations change, so if you no longer have that much in common with someone, or it’s a toxic relationship, you can cut ties with them. Surround yourself with people who are positive, enthusiastic and who add value to your life.
  8. Career goals

    You need to be in a job that makes you happy and fulfilled. If you feel restless, miserable or undervalued then you must make a decision. Do you want a new job? Are you working towards a promotion? Is it time you upskill?
  9. Get more sleep

    Part of living a balanced life is getting enough sleep. While no one wants dark bags under their eyes, you also want to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Get into a good sleeping routine and everything becomes a lot more enjoyable.
  10. You time

    Life gets busy, which is all the more reason to schedule in “you” time. Whether it’s reading a magazine and enjoying a cup of tea or taking the dogs out for a long walk, focus on doing more of the things that you love and less time on the things you don’t enjoy.

Image source: The Financial Hack