Bigger and better with Thebe Services

Bigger and better with Thebe Services

By: Irene Basson

Jerry Mabena talks to the Thebe Times about his vision for Thebe Services.

Thebe Services houses Thebe’s service-orientated investments in one portfolio. These investments range from diverse sectors such as media, property, financial services, hospitality and tourism.

“Thebe Services wants to become a major player in the services industry,” says Jerry Mabena, CEO of
Thebe Services. “We have major investments in tourism, and we are looking to expand our footprint in various other sectors. In the hospitality sector, we are looking specifically at catering; and in the property arena we are looking at student accommodation and affordable housing. In the media sector we are particularly interested in the electronic and digital media arena, as we believe there are incredibly exciting opportunities and we would like to be able to penetrate that,” Mabena says.

Thebe Services also boasts a new division, namely the Logistics strand. “This is a growth sector for us,” Mabena says, “as we are looking at supplying fresh produce locally and internationally. We acquired the logistics company almost two years ago and we are excited about the growth that this will facilitate for Thebe Services.” Not only does this division provide a service to the industry, but it also provides a service to Thebe Services. “It has a great double benefit,” Mabena explains, “and this is exactly what Thebe Services is about. It is about finding those synergies and seeing how we can work together. It has been a phenomenal success thus far,” Mabena says.

Thebe Services is excited about the future of the services industry. “We believe in investing in growth-oriented companies and we would like to take businesses that are currently relatively small and grow them into something bigger and better,” Mabena concludes.

Becoming a true game changer in the Services sector is not easy but Thebe Services has clearly stepped up to the challenge and is taking everything in its stride.