Thebe Investment Corporation is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor which is a majority of black women-owned. South Africa's turbulent past is expected to contribute to Africa’s growth. The Rainbow Nation is expected to remain the main engine of African growth and is exceptionally blessed with excellent infrastructure, systems and democratic institutions which help to ensure a smoothly running state. However, South Africa suffers from historical social problems, being a legacy of Apartheid, and although much progress has been made, many of her people are yet to be properly catered for. The Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (“B-BBEE”) policies of government remain the best means of a transformation to redress the historical economic imbalances in South African society.

“Thebe Investment through the Thebe Foundation has made a profound impact to our school, educators, learners and parents through the Math Centre. We thank the Thebe Foundation for their meaningful and consistent support” – VN Mbatha, Allan Makhunga Primary School

Investment Approach

In order to meet internal growth targets and requirements, we seek to invest only in companies that can demonstrate a long term and sustainable ability to generate cash and deliver an acceptable return on invested equity. We have therefore developed systems and procedures in place to filter all potential investments:

Industries of Choice

Our ability to source funding for acquisitions is crucial to us being able to meet our growth targets. Although the strength of our portfolio proves favourable when we source funding, it is clear that funding remains expensive. We minimise risk to our company balance sheet by ring-fencing acquisitions in such a way that respective investments and related risks are self-contained. This enables us to service funding obligations as and when it becomes due.

Industries Outside Our Mandate

However, the Thebe Board has also dictated a list of industries that Thebe will not invest in. It is important for us to be disassociated from industries where there is a corporate consensus that these are not acceptable to society. These include amongst others:

This is crucial especially if the study is related to the subject of your undertaking.

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