Thebe Investment Corporation is an African Company that came into being shortly before South Africa’s formal political transition to democracy, setting new norms and changing the face of business by establishing a socially embedded company that uses its business success to transform lives, and make a difference in our communities.

  • Our perspective and approach to business puts the African continent first.
  • TIC has impeccable credentials in terms of the Codes of Good Practice based on its B-BBEE content and has consistently achieved a healthy balance sheet and good returns to all its shareholders. We are led by a highly skilled and experienced leadership team with the entrepreneurial ability to start businesses from the ground up, growing them into fully-operational and profitable businesses.
  • To date, we have successfully attained our social objectives of developing communities and uplifting others as we grow.
  • We are committed to active governance and therefore provide strategic leadership in all the businesses that we control.
  • Our partnership model ensures growth and good returns for both TIC and its funders.
  • TIC is built on a rich heritage and proud history of social upliftment that offers investee companies the benefits of being associated with a company that has stood the test of time.
  • We offer investee companies above-average growth opportunities.
  • Since inception, TIC has remained committed to its transformation objectives and lifting others as we grow.
  • We offer the added value of active governance through strategic leadership and management.
  • Our partnership model ensures growth and good returns for both TIC and the companies we invest in.

Our people are our most important asset

  • We are a proudly African company that does business in Africa, adheres to African values like Ubuntu, and that remains committed to the well-being of African communities.
  • Our business is driven by a high-results, excellence-driven culture.
  • We recognise excellent performance and are firmly committed to real empowerment through the creation of winning companies made up of employees who reflect SA’s rich demographic tapestry.
  • Within the TIC context, empowerment goes beyond race to cover the ability of companies and individuals to function optimally in a competitive world without hindrances associated with the past.
  • Honesty and integrity are an integral part of all our interactions among ourselves as well as with our stakeholders.
  • Through teamwork and the recognition of everyone’s input, we can achieve more.

Community development remains a central element of the business of the company

  • Despite the business success attained over the years, we remain humble and committed to the development of the communities we work with.
  • Our social investment programmes are aimed at sustainable community development.
  • A key element of the work that we do with communities is ensuring that it benefits people and makes a real difference in their lives.
  • Working together, we can ensure the sustainability of the programmes that we have built.
  • Our relationships with communities are characterised by trust and integrity.